Andrew Pouliot


Freelance 2018-

I'm currently working on:

  • Machine Learning (generative models, images)
  • Creative Tools
  • Realtime Graphics (Metal / ARKit)
  • Collaborations with Artists

Recent projects involve the use of GANs for image generation and image processing, with clients in Art and Video production. 2017-2018

I built UI for doing machine learning in the browser in React and backend in node.js / PostgreSQL. Also worked a bit on a React Native app and machine learning code in Python.

Facebook Design Tools 2014-2016

Tech lead on Origami Studio project. Built from scratch a native macOS visual programming app in Obj-C++. Through collaboration with designers, other engineers, and persistence, grew app over 2 years to be the #1 design prototyping tool within facebook. Presented the tool at F8 developer conference.

I ported the React-style UI framework from the facebook iOS app (ComponentKit) to Mac & contributed performance enhancements to the library.

Facebook Paper 2013-2014

We pushed the boundaries on what is possible in an iOS app with gestures and animations. The app was widely acclaimed for feeling smooth, mostly because we worked really hard on it with an amazing team.

My job was to make the animations smoother. I worked on improving AsyncViewNode -> AsyncDisplayKit -> Texture, an asynchronous UI framework designed by Scott Goodson. To address content-specific UI stalls, I made a performance-analysis tool that correlated on-device data with a capture of the screen.

iOS Apps 2008-2013

Built the initial version of Starbucks' iOS app, eBay selling UI, Chegg app, and various weird apps in OpenGL ES.